Why is Christian Learning Center so special?

by Zoey Brock

Loganville High School Christian Learning Center semesterly program. Photo credit: Zoey Brock

When it comes to Christianity, the Christian Learning Center is responsible for saving 120 students in the Loganville class alone – and that’s a lot. The CLC  is a non-profit program that teaches students about God, Jesus, and the Bible.The program is privately funded and has no government support. It has made a huge impact on all of the schools and students in the Walton county public school system since the 2001-2002 school year. The CLC program has had the privilege of teaching to elementary, middle, and high school levels throughout the county.

Recently, on April 18, 2017, the Loganville High School CLC classes held their semesterly program. The program was held at The First Baptist Church of Loganville and parents of the CLC students got the chance to experience what their children learned about in CLC and how much the CLC program has impacted their life. During the program, the students walked across the stage with a cardboard poster. On the front was a short representation on how their life was before God and the class. Once the audience was able to read the front they then turned over the poster. On the back it explained how God, Jesus, and the CLC program has changed their life and how it brought them closer to know God.

The Loganville High School fourth period CLC class all agreed they all have grown closer in their relationship with the Lord because of the CLC program. Megan Sorrows, the Loganville High School CLC teacher, took the first CLC class ever introduced to Loganville High School.

“The CLC program has impacted my whole life in a positive way since I was a student at Loganville High School,” Sorrow said.

All the classes of the program said they would love to take this class every year. The program can also impact a students life after high school. The program gives out a $2,000 scholarship to a well deserved senior every semester. In oder to keep this scholarship you have to send the program your grade report every semester to make sure your grades are well. The scholarship recipient also has to send in that they are an official student of that college they are attending. They also have to send in and prove what church they are a part of and that they are serving and ministering through that church. This scholarship is a ginormous privilege in the CLC program. The scholarship is something a lot of seniors look forward to.

Author’s note: I think that this program is a good thing to have in all schools. I hope the program continues to grow.

Zoey Brock, Loganville High School – Journalism Explorer with Your Local News. Contributed photo

Zoey Brock is a Journalism Explorer with Your Local News. She is a sophomore at Loganville High School. You can read her bio here.



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