Wiemels set to run in Walton County BOC District 2

By Chris Bridges - the walton tribune

John Wiemels said an arbitrary approach to zoning issues by the BOC has caused him to run for elected office for the first time.

John Wiemels has never run for elected office but he knows when it is time to act.

Wiemels has declared himself a candidate for the Walton County Board of Commissioners District 2 race in 2024.

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Wiemels said various issues pushed him to enter local politics.

John Wiemels

Among them:

•The arbitrary approach to zoning by the county.

•Decisions made that are not in line with the views of local citizens.

•Sales tax rates that are not friendly to the creation of small family businesses.

•No plan in dealing with the impacts of the Rivian plant.

“I have always paid attention to the issues impacting my community,” Wiemels said. “The last several years have seen many changes within Walton County that didn’t seem to be favored by my friends and neighbors. Many of these issues involve the zoning decisions made by the BOC and the Walton County Planning Commission. There also appears to be very little regard for the opinions of the constituents within the county by the BOC. I decided to run for BOC District 2 to provide that voice of the citizens back onto the BOC.”

The candidate said he has plenty of experience in dealing with the planning of complex activities.

“Prior to, and after, my retirement from the USAF I managed multiple Plans and Programs activities,” Wiemels said. “We are all currently facing huge challenges in dealing with the impacts of the changes that are coming to Walton. Contrary to what some of our current elected officials may think, I believe we can manage these changes and still maintain the unique character of Walton County. The change is coming, our current BOC has assured that, how it is managed is the task now at hand.”

Wiemels said he is not anti-growth.

“All of this does not mean growth within Walton should be stopped or curtailed,” he said. “That growth should be managed in a smart manner that is in keeping with the will of the citizens of our county. It should be done in a manner that benefits all of us, not just housing or commercial developers. We need common sense on our BOC.”

Official qualifying will begin Monday, March 4, at 9 a.m. and continue until Thursday, March 8, at noon.

 “I am running a small, grass roots, campaign that I believe can return common sense to our BOC. As I continue to campaign I am looking forward to meeting more of the everyday folks of Walton County and hope to have the privilege of representing them. While I intend to meet as many District 2 constituents as possible, my campaign can be reached at WiemelsforWalton@gmail.com, WiemelsforWalton.com, John Wiemels for Walton County District 2 on Facebook or Wiemels4Walton on “X.”

The general primary election will be Tuesday, May 21.

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