With spring comes the return of the hummingbirds


It’s that time of the year again. Spring brings the warmer temperature and with it the seasonal returns of our diminutive feathered friends – the hummingbirds. As Melanie Ann Jackson wrote in her special for the Spring Summer issue of Walton Living Magazine a couple of seasons ago, with the return of these little creatures of wonder comes a whole lot of questions. Where do they come from? Where do they go? How do I care for them? How can I help? In her special, she tries to get you some of those answers.

Linda May from the Wildlife Resource Division of Georgia Department of Natural Resources in Social Circle helped fill in many of the details, as well as offered some tips for those who want to attract their own circle of hummingbirds to begin visiting annually as soon as the warm weather hits.

To read the digital version of the story, click or tap on this link.

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