Yet another mass shooting brings home the need for every community to be prepared

Find out what you can do to be prepared

As the country again has to mourn the loss of worshipers during a service as the result of a mass shooting, this time in a synagogue, it brings home the need for every community to be prepared.

On Saturday morning, allegedly screaming anti-Semitic epithets, 46-year-old Robert Bowers walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in a Pittsburgh, PA, community and opened fire. He was wounded and taken into custody, but not before he had killed 11 people and wounded six others, four of them police officers.

According to reports, he was armed with one assault rifle and three handguns. It is the fear of something like this happening in any community that has public safety departments all over the country training in preparation just in case something similar comes to their community. Law enforcement officials in Pittsburgh said it was only because of their training, that had officers run into the building and take fire themselves, that they were able to limit this tragedy to some extent.

In Walton County, local law enforcement has been proactive in undergoing this type of training in coordination with surrounding public safety departments for several years now to mitigate the damage should such an event ever come this way. They also offer mass casualty defense responses as well as emergency medical responses through the Stop the Bleed program to schools, churches, businesses, and organizations to help prepare the general public on how to react in those critical few moments before law enforcement is able to show up.

We have routinely written about these training opportunities, with links to videos and presentations by other media organizations, and would like to share them again now. Click or tap on any of the links at the end for more information on the various events. We have also shared the contact information on programs offered by local public safety departments. There is a special on this very subject in the upcoming Walton Living Magazine.

Monroe Police Department

  • Monroe Police Department –
    Offers training and can assist organizations with developing an emergency action plan, fire extinguisher training, business & home safety tips and fire safety education for youth.
  • Monroe Fire contact – Capt. Ricardo Lott
  • Monroe Police contact – Lt. Matt McClung –

Walton County Sheriff’s Office

  • Firearms Training and Mass Casualty and safety training
  • Capt. Scott Whisnant – contact

Walton County Fire Rescue

  • Stop the Bleed training
  • Capt. Jeff Allen – Contact –

Forum on School Safety held in Walton County

Walton County Fire Rescue, EMS, and Sheriff’s Office and Walton County Schools Work Together To Keep Children Safe with Stop the Bleed Kits and Training 

Walton County law enforcement and emergency response teams wrap up active shooter training

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