YLN Journalism Explorer Jared Schmehl -Walnut Grove High School

Jared Schmehl, Walnut Grove High School, Journalism Explorer with Your Local News, Inc. Contributed photo

My name is Jared Schmehl and I am a freshman at Walnut Grove high school. Most kids despise writing, but I love it. It’s fun to write down my thoughts and opinions – writing is just fun.

I am interested in the field of sports journalism. I love to write about all sports. My passion for sports journalism came from playing sports growing up. I play both baseball and basketball. In baseball, I am a pitcher. In basketball, I play the forward position. I am also serious about my school and grades and I strive to get A’s. I actually get a little upset if I finish with a B. My education is extremely important. I hope to go to a great college where I can play sports and major in journalism.

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