Young adults from a Loganville church group recognized for planting trees at local Library

Proclamation presented by Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez

In December, a group of volunteers known as ASEZ WAO (a Young Adult Volunteer Group known as “Save the Earth From A to Z, We Are One Family”) spent some time planting trees at the O’Kelly Memorial Library in Loganville. The group is affiliated with the World Mission Society Church of God. The group is on a mission to plant 7 billion trees to reduce greenhouse gases and to help combat climate change. They have planted almost 2,000 trees in six different countries, now including more than 30 in Loganville.

The group was recognized at the Loganville City Council Meeting on March 11, via zoom, for their actions in support of the city and the environment.

“We, the members of the Loganville City Council, on behalf of the citizens of Loganville, do hereby recognize ASEZ WAO on this March 11, 2021 for committing to support and serve the city of Loganville and global regions alike,” Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez said in conclusion of reading a Proclamation recognizing the donation of trees and the time to plant them.

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