Zeus a rescue dog who is good for the ‘soul’

By Cheyenne Tolleson | The Walton Tribune

Christy Breedlove, local author and teacher, was recently published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned from My Dog.” 

The Jan. 24 print featured her entry on a chaotic stunt pulled by her dog, Zeus, in a veterinarian office.

“I’ve always loved the Chicken Soup series,” informed Breedlove. “Whenever you want to laugh or cry, Chicken Soup has it.”

“The story about Zeus is actually my third story with Chicken Soup. The previous two were about the adventures of being a mom of two kids,” she said.

One of the company’s monthly email opportunities called for stories depicting dogs, and Breedlove’s mind flickered to Zeus. 

“I saw potential,” she recalled. “If you know of the old Tasmanian Devil cartoon, that’s Zeus — only Zeus is confined to Walton County.”

She then went on to list the many people who already admire the stories offered by his shenanigans. “The dog has serious fans out there. He’s been the subject of many Facebook posts and conversations at Carver Middle School where I work,” said Breedlove.

“Not a day goes by when I don’t hear from a student, or adult–’How’s Zeus?’ And then, I answer, ‘You won’t believe what the goofball did today.’”

She and Zeus have created this reputation thanks to a local organization that brought the two together. “We adopted Zeus from Walton Animal Control four years ago on May 28,” she recalled precisely.

“I hope after reading it (the entry), more people will adopt rescues. Walton County is so lucky to have an agency that wants to help homeless dogs and cats.”

“Dogs just enrich your life. They are loyal and loving,” insisted Breedlove. “I firmly believe that God gifted us something special with dogs,” she concluded

And, with that sentiment, be sure to check out Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned from My Dog and look for Christy Breedlove’s story on Zeus.

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