199 Years and counting – let the Bicentennial Celebrations begin

Today, 199 years ago, several counties in Georgia were birthed, including Walton, Gwinnett and Hall counties. Happy Birthday – and so begin the year-long Bicentennial Celebrations.

In the local area, both Gwinnett and Walton counties have events planned throughout 2018 up until the 200 Year Anniversary celebrations on Dec. 15, 2018. Gwinnett Counties celebrations begin tonight with a kickoff event at Gwinnett’s Historic Courthouse in Lawrenceville – Frontier Affair: A Prelude to Gwinnett’s Bicentennial. Loganville Mayor Dan Curry and his wife, Nancy, will be in attendance and have taken a step back in time to really get into the spirit of the celebration.

Loganville Mayor Dan Curry and his wife, Nancy, attend Gwinnett’s kickoff to the Bicentennial Celebrations. Contributed photo

On this day 199 years ago a stretch of land in Georgia, originally held by the Cherokee and Creek Indians, was divided to become Walton, Gwinnett and Hall counties. Walton County became the 43rd county of Georgia, named for George Walton, one of the three Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence. He also served briefly as the state’s governor. Gwinnett County was named for Button Gwinnett, another signer of the Declaration of Independence and Lyman Hall was the third Georgia signer of the Declaration of Independence.

According to a story in the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine by Robbie Schwartz, “at the time of its birth, Walton County was populated mostly by farmers with cotton, various grains, potatoes and some tobacco serving as the areas main cash crops.” Although farming is still a large part of Walton County life, it certainly has come a long way since then.

“Since our county’s creation, many factors have created the rich history of Walton County,” said Gail Huie Smith, president of the Historical Society of Walton County. “Our county was built on the foundation of many great men and others who have led since then. Walton County has been very aggressive in preserving our towns and buildings and the preservation and restoration of our historic county will play a continuous role in our development. As the county celebrates our rich Walton County history in 2018, it is imperative that our residents, children and newcomers be taught the history of our past so it can be preserved for the future.”

In celebrating the 200-year history of Walton County, a committee was formed earlier this year to organize a number of events to take place in celebration of our community’s bicentennial. Watch for updates on some of the events planned for both Walton and Gwinnett counties to commemorate this historic time. Click or tap on this link for more on Walton County’s Bicentennial Celebrations as featured in the Fall Winter issue of Walton Living Magazine.

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