new year's resolution

New Year’s Resolution

01/08/2022 Lori Duff 0

In case you hadn’t noticed, it is now 2022.  I saw on Twitter this morning that the release of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was closer to D-Day than it is to now, and that makes me […]


Time to Sparkle

12/25/2021 Lori Duff 0

Generally speaking, I’m not what you’d call fancy.  If you have the misfortune of seeing me on the weekend you might think to yourself, “I mean, is she going out of her way to look […]


Sleeping in the Dark

12/11/2021 Lori Duff 0

Hello Dark, You’re Not My Friend. I can never remember which is daylight savings time – the fall back one or the spring forward one.  Honestly, I don’t care which is which, I just wish […]

targeted marketing

Targeted Marketing

11/22/2021 Lori Duff 0

As a fifty-one year old woman, I don’t have a lot of use for penile enlargement supplements.  As a person who posts pictures of her dog more often than her kids, I don’t need horse […]


Full-Grown Adult

10/24/2021 Lori Duff 0

My son is about to turn 20 and I have some feelings about that.  When other people turn 20, I think, well yeah, he’s an adult, of course he’s 20.  But when Jacob turns 20, […]


War Stories

10/11/2021 Lori Duff 0

Let me start out by saying that I do love my husband.  We’ve been married for 22 years now, and I’m hoping for at least 22 more. But. He’s retired, I’m not.  He’s been retired […]

toxic positivity

Toxic Positivity

09/25/2021 Lori Duff 0

Is this the kind of creepy smile you are talking about? You know someone like the person I’m about to talk about.  It doesn’t matter what awful thing has just happened, they always have this […]



09/13/2021 Lori Duff 0

If you’re in the market for crapola, you need look no further than my house.  My house is the repository of crapola of all kinds.  We are a department store of crapola.  Housewares?  Look over […]

inbox zero

Inbox Zero

08/28/2021 Lori Duff 0

Once upon a time in a land not too far away we wrote letters on a typewriter, using carbon paper if we wanted to keep a copy and Wite-Out[1] if we made a mistake, put […]


Baby’s First Apartment

08/14/2021 Lori Duff 0

My son moved into his first apartment a few weeks ago and I had the great privilege of helping him set it up.  I thought it would be fun to watch him take this giant […]

driving in houston

Driving In Houston

07/31/2021 Lori Duff 0

Recently, I had the need to drive from my home in suburban Atlanta to Houston, TX with my son.  This is no small task.  It involved two tanks of gas and crossing the Mississippi River.  […]


Look for the Helpers

07/17/2021 Lori Duff 0

Usually I try not to mix the law[1] and my humor pieces[2], but sometimes the world forces me to do it.  I came across a federal court decision which contained this language: “Humor is an […]

abstract pictures

Abstract Pictures

06/05/2021 Lori Duff 0

How something like this gets translated into a picture of my daughter giving me the side-eye is beyond me. My daughter wanted some pictures of her and her bestie to put in a graduation card.  […]


Blinking in the Sunlight

05/22/2021 Lori Duff 0

There’s a scene in the beginning of Bambi where spring comes and all the animals wake up from hibernation.  There are lots of new babies, including Bambi himself.    I’ve been thinking about that scene […]



05/08/2021 Lori Duff 0

My friend Michelle[1] posted a stumper on Twitter the other day.  She said, “I don’t get the double zero size. There is no such thing as double zero. Your zero can’t have extra zero in […]


Facebook, My Frenemy

04/24/2021 Lori Duff 0

The older I get, the more I hate social media.  That’s an unoriginal sentiment, I know.  I’m not, however, one of those people that thinks social media is pure evil.  It has its uses, even […]

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