Legalese — Mens Rea

11/01/2021 Lori Duff 0

Mens Rea is one of my favorite Latin legal terms.  It means, literally, “criminal mind.”  That’s such a great image – it brings forth a picture of a brain that is itself criminal, wearing black […]


Legalese — Mandatory Vaccinations

10/03/2021 Lori Duff 0

These days there is a lot of confusing information on the internet and social media.  The fact that we are still in a pandemic that affects public policy only highlights the problem. One of the […]


Legalese — Amending the Constitution

09/18/2021 Lori Duff 0

Friday, September 17, 2021 was Constitution Day this year, as is every September 17th of every year.  September 17th is Constitution Day because that is the day that it was signed by the constitutional delegates.  […]

Porch Pirates

Legalese — Porch Pirates

09/05/2021 Lori Duff 0

There’s a lot of trust that goes on with mail.  Most of us do not have locked mailboxes.  The post office drops off stuff in a box at the bottom of our driveways, or leaves […]


Legalese — Take Out Alcohol

08/22/2021 Lori Duff 0

If nothing else, the COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in the creativity and cooperation of the legislature to create solutions to problems that didn’t previously exist, or maybe only existed on much smaller scales.  Although services […]


Look for the Helpers

07/17/2021 Lori Duff 0

Usually I try not to mix the law[1] and my humor pieces[2], but sometimes the world forces me to do it.  I came across a federal court decision which contained this language: “Humor is an […]

bicycle bike

Legalese — Passing a Bicycle

07/10/2021 Lori Duff 0

Now that it is July, the laws that were passed in the last legislative session all come into effect.  Since “ignorance of the law is no excuse” and since it is virtually impossible to keep […]


Legalese – Overdose Help

06/27/2021 Lori Duff 0

More than once, someone was in danger of dying of a drug overdose and didn’t seek medical attention because they feared prosecution more than they feared dying.  Or maybe the person overdosing wasn’t the person […]


Legalese — What is Drug Court?

05/29/2021 Lori Duff 0

You may have heard about drug courts or DUI courts or mental health courts – what are they exactly?  These are not really separate courts, they are handled by existing courts and existing judges, but […]


Legalese — Citizen’s Arrest

05/01/2021 Lori Duff 0

What can you do if you see someone commit a crime and there aren’t any police officers around?  Do you have to just let the bad guy go?  Can you make a ‘citizen’s arrest’ like […]

thumbs down

Legalese — Removing Bad Reviews

04/05/2021 Lori Duff 0

Lots of people have called me over the past couple of years wanting me to do ‘something’ about what they believe to be an unfair and certainly unflattering Yelp or Google review.  While this isn’t […]


Legalese — Funeral Processions

03/06/2021 Lori Duff 0

I’ve had a number of people asking me what they are supposed to do when they are sharing the road with a funeral procession.  Obviously, you should show respect, but that can vary under different […]

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