Update: Wendy’s in Monroe remains closed following second fire


Monroe Assistant Fire Chief Bill Owens said that the fire Thursday at Wendy’s in Monroe was actually the second fire. The first one had occurred the day before.

“The fire we responded to at Wendy’s on Thursday at 7 a.m. However, there was a fire in the same location the day before, some time on Wednesday afternoon/evening. The manager extinguished a very small fire on the wall with water. The fire department was never called,” Owens said. “At this time investigators believe that the original fire on Wednesday may have been caused by a lightning strike and the fire was never fully extinguished by the manager. The fire inside the wall continued to smolder until the following morning when employees returned to work and could see smoke.”

Owens said he believes that Wendy’s currently remains closed due to electrical issues that have to be repaired.

Initial story

City of Monroe Public Safety Director Keith Glass said another fire has temporarily shut down Wendy’s restaurant in Monroe. A small fire Thursday morning caused the restaurant to have the power shut off and the eatery closed. Glass said it appears that when they tried to get the equipment fired back up, another fire occurred. On Saturday afternoon, the restaurant is again closed.

Details to follow.

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