Georgia DOT begins treatment of roads and bridges in advance of potential winter weather

Press release from Georgia Department of Transportation

The Georgia Department of Transportation began brine treatment of interstates, state routes, bridges and overpasses this morning in the central and northern parts of the state in preparation of the arrival of wintery precipitation. The National Weather Service will issue a Winter Weather Advisory today at noon and it will be in effect until 7 a.m. on Wednesday. A second shift of Georgia DOT crews will monitor conditions and continue treatment overnight on bridges and roadways and will continue to treat as necessary into Wednesday.

Please be aware of the brine trucks in your areas given they must travel 40 mph to properly apply the treatment. Pay attention to Georgia DOT trucks spreading materials and stay back a safe distance.

Georgia DOT has increased its capabilities, equipment and materials to address with these events statewide.

  • 1,938 employees on call covering 39,919 lane miles
  • 54,030 tons of salt
  • 65,460 tons of gravel
  • 426 snow removal equipment units (one plow + hopper + truck = one equipment unit)
  • Capacity to store 550,000 gallons of brine
  • Can produce 20,000 gallons of brine per hour
  • Georgia DOT may relocate district resources from other portions of the state to the most needed areas during an event

During hazardous winter weather conditions, Georgia DOT advises motorists to:

  • Call 5-1-1 to report icy conditions on interstates, state routes, overpasses and bridges;
  • If possible, postpone travel until daylight hours when road conditions such as black ice are more visible;
  • Pay attention to Georgia DOT trucks spreading materials and, stay back a safe distance;
  • Do not pass a Georgia DOT dump truck spreading the salt/gravel mixture, as gravel may kick up and could break car windshields — follow at least 100 feet behind Department vehicles;
  • Be aware of Georgia DOT and other emergency crews working to clear snow, ice, debris and potential downed trees or power lines from interstates and state routes;
  • SLOW DOWN at least half your normal speed and use a low gear as you drive;
  • Treat a non-working traffic signal as a four-way stop; and 
  • Beware of icy patches (especially on bridges) and watch for fallen trees or power lines

Before getting on the road during winter weather Georgia DOT urges motorists to call 511 for updated information on roadway conditions. Georgia 511 is a free phone service that provides real-time traffic and travel information statewide, including closures and reports of icing or other hazardous conditions on interstates and state routes. Callers can transfer to operators to request complimentary vehicle assistance on interstate highways across Georgia from the Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO) and the Coordinated Highway Assistance & Maintenance (CHAMP) programs – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 511 for vehicle assistance or to report an issue. Visit

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