GWA Class of 2020 finally gets to graduate

The George Walton Academy Class of 2020 graduation ceremony may have come in the middle of a long hot summer instead of mid-spring, but you wouldn’t have known it by the exuberance with which they bid farewell to their 12 years of schooling.

From the lighthearted and humorous speeches given by Patrick Morris, salutatorian Jenna Lo, valedictorian Spring Rawl and Rev. Wes Sorrells, the special rendition of “I had the Time of my Life,” by Emma Boyer and Russell Pope, to the final throwing of the caps and exuberant dash from the celebration, GWA’s Class of 2020 definitely appeared to have had the time of their lives.

With one final prayer on the field at Don Williams Stadium that had been part of their lives for so long, the students from GWA wrapped up the local graduations with as close to a traditional ceremony as you could get under the circumstances. That is except of course for the safe distancing in the seating and the occasional mask worn by some faculty, students and parents.

The joy with which these students ended the strangest graduating season we have seen for a long time was a fitting end to a bizarre 2020 school year in Walton County.

Congratulations Georgia Walton Academy Class of 2020.

George Walton Academy Graduation July 25, 2020

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