Gwinnett and Loganville Police following up on leads in CVS armed robberies

Gwinnett County Police Department as well as Loganville Police Department are following up on leads in the armed robberies that occurred at the CVS in Loganville. Although Logaville police don’t believe Monday night’s robbery was by the same perpetrator, it is believed that a robbery at knife point on July 10 had been by a suspect who had used the same modus operandi in other CVS robberies around Gwinnett County. In each of those robberies, the suspect had used a knife and in two of them, including the one in Loganville, the suspect had not covered his face.

According to the Loganville police report, he had entered the CVS store at 4337 Atlanta Highway somewhere around 4:30 a.m. wearing a hoodie and dark glasses, shopped around a little and then when he said he was ready to check out, he pulled a knife and demanded money.

The Monday night robbery at gunpoint was a little after 11 p.m. according to the LPD report. In that instance, the suspect was wearing a long sleeve black sweater, gloves and a black ski mask, so police say surveillance video did not give a clear picture of him. He immediately brandished a gun and demanded the money. In surveilance video, he was seen first placing a wooden stick to jam the door open before approaching the counter and demanding money. An investigation after police responded revealed that a witness had seen someone matching the suspect’s description run down Magnolia Street and turn into Bobby Boss Drive towards Tommy Lee Fuller Drive.

While this is a separate investigation, GCPD and LPD do believe they have promising leads in the robberies involving the robber armed with a knife. If you have any information about either of these robberies, you are asked to contact LPD at 770-466-8087.

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