Gwinnett County PD seeks rescue for 55 cats surrendered from home

The Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement Unit is seeking rescue groups for 55 cats.  The cats were surrendered by a woman from Norcross after Animal Control officers were called out at 5707 Heron Court in reference to a strong odor.

Once they got inside and were able to investigate the source, they met with a woman who told them that she frequently rescues cats.  The officer noted in the report, “There were cats in every room with food, water, and litter boxes.  Cats had been urinating and defecating on the floor throughout the property.  There was urine and feces on the walls and floor.”

The owner surrendered all 55 cats to Gwinnett County, and she was issued 6 citations.  Now, the shelter is in need of rescue groups to adopt them.  We encourage interested licensed rescue groups to call the shelter at 770 339-3200.


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