Health Department to move into the old Loganville city hall

The Loganville City Council is voting tonight on a plan for the Loganville location of the Health Department to relocate from 680 Tom Brewer Road to the old city hall building on Pecan Street.

District health director, Dr. Claude Burnett, was at the work session on Monday to address the council on the possibility.

“The Health Department has been here since 1998 and since that time 23,000 people have been served with 85,000 visits,”Burnett said, adding the listing of the last five years shows that imunizations, family planning and cancer screenings are the most used services.

One of the key benefits to the move and the extra space, Burnett said, was that there would be enough room to be able to offer Women, Infant and Children (WIC) services.

“It would bring in about 400 new patients. They have to come about four times a year and where are are now it is already crowded. That would make it very crowded,” said. “Walton County is the least served in these services.”

Burnett said it would be very beneficial to be able to move into the old city hall building and be able to offer the expanded services, especially WIC.

“We would be able to get three more staff members. It is a federal program and along with that comes federal money, he said. “There would be a clerk there to direct people who wanted environmental health services to Monroe.”

Councilman Skip Baliles said he believed many of the clients in Loganville walk from the city center to Tom Brewer Road for services from the health department.

“It will be much easier for those folks who are the most vulnerable to get there,” he said. Staff from the health department said most of the services they offer are preventative and it is important for the community to know that the health department is there to help prevent illness.

There would be some building services necessary to adapt the old city hall building to suit the needs of the health department. Burnett said he didn’t expect them to be ready to open at the new location until the begining of 2018.

City attorney Robin Webb said as soon as she has seen agreement outlining responsibilities and insurance, it could be signed and the keys turned over to the health department to begin renovations. City officials wanted any agreement to include that the bathroom facilities would still be open for events such as concerts and Veteran’s Day activities that take place on the town green.

Other items on the agenda for tonight’s meeting include:


  1. Consent Agenda
    1. Last Month’s Minutes
    2. Last Month’s Financial Report
    3. State of Georgia Drinking Water Lab Contract – $10,640.00
    4. Missions Communications SCADA Contract – $10,339.80
    5. Waterline Relocation contingent on written contract with property owner regarding cost reimbursement to City – $15,478.78 (estimate does not include rock or replacement of asphalt)
  2. LHS Baseball Team Recognition
  3. Civil Air Patrol – Recognition
  4. Council Member Rey Martinez – Announcement


  1. Planning & Development / Human Resources – Chairman Skip Baliles
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Finance– Chairman Mark Kiddoo 
  • 2017 Millage Rate – 10.83 mills
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Public Safety Committee – Chairman Rey Martinez
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Public Utilities / Transportation – Chairman Jay Boland
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Public Works – Chairman Linda Dodd
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Facilities – Chairman Danny Ford
  • Health Department Relocation to Old City Hall
  • Updates / Reports


  • Status of Lee Byrd Road Bridge
  • Notice of General Election
  • Updates / Reports


  • Updates / Reports

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