Local community prepares to send relief items to Hurricane Harvey victims

With the help of Walmart Distribution Center, and under the guidance of Faith in Serving Humanity, volunteers from the local community spent their time Saturday taking in donations to send to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., donors were directed into the parking lot of Grace Baptist Church on Mears Street which is a drop off point for Texas relief donations. It will be open again from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Labor Day.

“We will be closing at 2 so the volunteers can go and spend some time with their families,” Cindy Little, director of F.I.S.H. said. Donors enter from S. Broad Street onto Mears Street, which was blocked off from one end and temporarily made in a one-way.

If you live in the Loganville area and want to donate items for F.I.S.H. to have sent Tuesday to victims in the flood zone, Loganville Fire Chief Carl Morrow has made Loganville Fire Stations available as pick up points. Monday, he will be sending the last consignment to be loaded into the trailer for Walmart Distribution to transport to the relief collection points in Texas. Morrow was one of the many volunteers on hand at Grace Baptist Church Saturday to offload donations from the constant stream of cars pulling into the drop-off point and deliver to the tables, where more volunteers were busy separating, labeling and preparing for yet another set of volunteers to load into the trailer. Walnut Grove High School football team, cheerleaders and band students also volunteered their time to join the relief effort.

Little said next on the list of donations to help will be mud buckets.

“We’re told the waters won’t really recede for another week or two so next we will be preparing the mud buckets,” she said.

Mud buckets will contain cleaning supplies for residents to be begin the clean up when they return to the homes vacated when the evacuation orders came in.

The following are the ways that you can help F.I.S.H. in this mission.

DONATE SUPPLIES (see list and instructions)
VOLUNTEER – they need help daily 9-5 receiving donations! Email volunteers@fishofwalton.org for more information.
DONATE FUNDS to help defray the costs for trailers, truck drivers, fuel, and additional supplies. Visit www.fishofwalton.org and indicate “Texas Relief” under Special Instructions. Donate what you can, help where you can, and continue to pray for those in need.

Bottled water
Cleaning products
Trash bags
Paper towels
Adult diapers
Baby food
Baby formula
Canned meat
Hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, etc)
Feminine hygiene items
Nutrition drinks such as Boost
Pet food
Antiobiotic cream

Editor’s Note: If you know of any other local church or civic organization that is contributing to the recovery mission, please email sharon@waltonliving.com and we will share the details.

The Better Business Bureau is warning people to be careful how they donate and who they donate through. Click or tap on this link for tips on how to ensure that your support goes to the victims in Texas.

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