Local husband and minister chronicles his wife’s battle with cancer and his struggle with his faith

Michael Groves and his wife, Rhonda, live in Monroe with their three children

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A minister at 16 and full-time youth evangelist, youth and then senior pastor, Michael Groves, of Monroe, Ga., had always been steadfast in his faith. That is until 2020 when, amid the whole COVID crisis, his family experienced their own personal crisis when his wife, Rhonda, was diagnosed with cancer. While she battled the disease with her husband at her side, he had his own battle questioning his faith. He has now chronicled their journey together, Rhonda with her cancer and he with his faith in God.

After they both came out the other side having fought and won, he wrote a book chronicling the storm. The days may be dark during the storm, but you can come out the other side, stronger in health and faith – if you don’t let the storm win.

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