Loganville City Council candidate James Wilson gives his vision for the city

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Deputy and the only candidate from the Gwinnett County side of the city, James Wilson, qualified as one of the seven people who is running for the three at-large seats on the Loganville City Council in November 2021. Wilson gives his reasons for running and his vision for the city in a press release.

My vision for the City of Loganville is for smart growth to maintain our hometown atmosphere while making Loganville a destination city. We need to grow in a smart way while remaining in line with our core values.

Growing Loganville in a smart way means that we must promote diverse economic development that creates a strong family atmosphere. Staying true to our strong core values, ensuring public safety, and providing quality educational resources will help to ensure that we, as a city, are enhancing the lives of all of our citizens.

I have dedicated my career to the service of others with a hands on approach to growing and supporting the community and its citizens. As a father of three and grandfather of two I have served the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office since 2007. As a Master Gardener I coordinate the Fresh Start Garden Program at the Gwinnett County Jail and am assigned to the Community Outreach Unit. I am member of the Loganville Board of Ethics and work with local food banks to strengthen and support the community.

If we are not smart about how and in what direction we want to grow, Loganville will lose its heart and soul and become just a drive-through town instead of a destination where everyone can come to enrich their minds, bodies, and soul.

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