Monroe Fire to conduct live fire training

If you see a fire, smoke, or emergency vehicles at the remains of the old band building besides the rock gym on N. Madison Avenue in Monroe tomorrow, there is no need to panic – it is all under control. According to Monroe Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Bill Owens, it is just a training exercise.

“Monroe Fire will be conducting two training burns in the coming week,” Owens said. “Tomorrow April 20th we will be doing live fire defensive operations exercises with the remains of the old band building beside the rock gym on N. Madison Ave.”

Owens said it is likely that the fire will easily be seen from N. Broad Street. The training exercises are expected to being at about 9 a.m. and go into mid afternoon. Next Friday, there will be more live fire training exercises on a house at 119 Carwood Drive (in the corner at Carwood and Mayfield. Those exercises will also be from about 9 a.m. until mid afternoon.


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