Monroe PD Report: Domestic disputes, alleged sexual assault of a child…

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between Feb.23 – March 2, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Stopping suspicious vehicle/arrest, KFC, Frederick Jones arrested for DUI-drugs, marijuana less 1 oz and failure to maintain lane.
  • Gliding Lane, complainant wanted to speak with an officer in reference to a domestic problem that occurred last date.  Subject was intoxicated.  All ok.
  • Domestic problem, Old Mill Point, mother in a dispute with her daughter over bills.  Mediated and separated.  All ok.
  • Harassing phone calls at Deere Acres Inn, complainant stated that female subject was calling and texting him.  Complainant has conditions of bond not to have contact with female.  Complainant just wanted to let the police know that he was not responding to female subject.
  • Fraud, Perry St., complainant stated that female subject lied to him about being the father of her child.  Complainant stated that he had signed legitimation papers on child.  Referred to DFACS
  • Officer’s returned to Gliding Lane, Male subject intoxicated and requesting to speak with a combat veteran.  Officer put him on contact with a veteran’s crisis hotline.  All ok.
  • Found Property, WCSO, Ref: wallet located at the Chevron on S. Broad Street.  Located a prison ID for a male subject and a Georgia license for a different male subject inside wallet.
  • Domestic problem, Tanglewood Dr., Called in 3rd party by MUN worker reference a female and male arguing.  All subjects were GOA upon officer’s arrival.
  • Damage to Property at Hitachi, complainant advised that her vehicle was damaged in the parking lot.  Made contact with the owner of the vehicle that caused the damage.
  • Sexual Assault report taken at MPD lobby, Complainant advised that a named male subject molested his 7-year-old stepsister. Incident occurred on Glenwood Drive last date.  Turned over to CID.
  • Theft report, Custom Way, complainant advised that a named female stole $300 from his wallet.  No further information on the female subject.
  • Harassment report taken at MPD lobby, complainant advised that she got caught with subject’s boyfriend, and now subject is trying to confront her about messing around with her boyfriend.  Complainant was advised of remedies.
  • Suspicious vehicle, N. Broad St / Mayfield Dr., Ref: truck failing to maintain lane and driving recklessly.  Made contact with the vehicle and no moving violations were observed.  All ok.
  • Firearms, Plantation Dr., complainant advised they heard gunshots near Woodland Road.  Noise was possibly from nail guns being used by a construction crew in the area.
  • EMS Assist on Morrow St.,  A-40-year old male vomiting for 3 days and is unconscious but breathing.  Person turned over to EMS for Transportation to Clearview Regional Medical Hospital.
  • Theft report, West Spring St (Haven Inn), complainant advised a named subject took 320 US dollars from her.  No witnesses to the crime.  Report taken
  • Damage to Property, South Madison Ave (Felker Park) a 2016 Ford Explorer white was damage when unknown person opened their door and struck her vehicle.  When asked for Driver’s license and insurance card.  Caller became upset at the officer and left the scene.
  • Animal Complaint, Etten Dr., Two dogs on location been inside a cage for several days.  Animal Control is aware of the issue and is handing.
  • Stopping suspicious vehicle, Mayfield Dr. / N. Broad St., Joe Wayne Vinson arrested for suspended registration, no insurance, suspended license, false name and DOB, Newton County warrants, Parole warrants out of S. Carolina.
  • Welfare Check, Tall Oaks Dr., Complainant advised that female subject called them and did not say anything.  Unable to reach subject back on phone.  Made contact with subject.  She advised all was ok and that she called her friend because male subject rode by her house.
  • Suspicious person, Bryant Rd., Ref: black male in the back yard of a vacant residence.  Negative contact with subject.  Residence checked out ok.
  • Lost Item reported in MPD lobby, complainant stated that her green card, BB&T debit card and ID from Trinidad went missing in August of 2016.
  • Theft report taken at MPD lobby, complainant stated that his iPhone 6s and tablet were stolen from his residence on Mobley Circle when he was arrested in November 2016.
  • Officer called to MPD lobby, complainant requested a escort to Walker Drive to pick up her daughter who has been taken advantage of.  Escort given by officer.  All ok.

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