Monroe PD Reports: $19,500 in gift cards stolen, fight with gunfire

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 7 – 13, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Domestic problem, Tanglewood Dr., – female and male in verbal dispute.  Female claims male disrespected her. Male said that female was throwing items at him.  Parties separated. Report Taken.
  • Theft, West Spring Street (Wal-Mart) – Cashier taking money. Female subject loaded up $500 on 39 gift cards and gave to an unknown black male (Total $19,200). Supplement added.
  • Wanted person, South Madison Avenue (WCSO) – complainant has information on male subject in reference to an outstanding warrant. Male subject has a warrant out of Alabama for VGCSA-full extradition as well as Bench Warrant through WCSO. Male subject was possibly at Conestoga. Negative contact.
  • Dispute, East Church Street (Jack Peters) – Two females disputing.  Made contact with complainant who said female subject was attempting to cause problems and just wanted an officer to speak with her.
  • Suspicious person, East Spring Street (Dollar General) – complainant advised a black male in a blue work uniform asked her 12-year-old daughter “Do you want to come with me – come on.” Officer reviewed video and did not recognize subject. Report taken.
  • Civil, West Vine St., – male subject on location and not supposed to be.  Made contact with male subject who use to live here.  Male subject left without incident.
  • Domestic problem, Dean Street – complainant advised that she had been verbally disputing with married couple on Masters Drive.  She advised that it was verbal only and that she wanted to give her side of the story in case they called.
  • Domestic problem, Union St., complainant disputing with her sister who wanted to leave. Parties separated, all ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle/person, East Marable St. Caller advised a white female left her car and said in drunk don’t call the police. Contact made with Kendra Dial walking at Mathews Park. Dial arrested for DUI, open container, abandoning vehicle in roadway.
  • Civil dispute, Plaza Tr., complainant on location with UHAL. Homeowner not on location and complainant did not have access to Apt. Advised of civil process, all ok.
  • Domestic problem, West Creek Cir., son arguing with his mother over a broken trophy. Son took items for the night, eviction process explained to mother for the 3rd time.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Walker Dr. Comp advised small Chev truck turned onto Walker Dr. 5 min before they called 911. Area checked.
  • Suspicious person, East Marable St., Hot Spot. Clerk got into cursing match after asking customer to leave. Customer located up the street and asked not to return, all ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle/person, West Spring St., Wal-Mart. Comp advised b/m smelled of alchol, contact made with driver sitting in vehicle, no observable signs of intox.
  • Follow up, Plaza Trace. Complainant back on location to secure belongings. Complainant had paperwork showing he was sole and rightful owner. Resident not on location, no key holder could be located. Civil report taken.
  • Dispute, Breedlove Dr. Ridgeview. Justin Ross hitting staff and making threats to medical staff and Officers. Ross fought with officers. Ross arrested for obstruction and interference with govt. property after being tazed.
  • Domestic problem, in the area of East Spring St. and Ford St. Passerby advised male and female arguing. Contact made with male and female subjects. Advised that male was in an altercation with another female that was GOA in a van, all OK.
  • Domestic problem, North Broad St., Churches Chicken. Comp advised they saw man push a woman. Contact made with male and female subjects, parties separated and both denied domestic problem. Female escorted to Southside MHP and advised to stay inside the remainder of the evening.
  • Discharging firearms/possible fireworks in the area of Meadow Walk Subdivision. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Fight call, Harris St., Harris Street Legion. While in route, received call about discharging firmarms.  Legion staff advised vehicle drove down Harris St. and shot three times in the air. Negative contact with fight or shell casings.
  • Discharging firearms in the area of Magnolia Terr. Ref to above fight, all ok.
  • Discharging firearms in the area of Gatewood Way, 5 to 6 shots fired. Silver Corolla stopped fleeing scene. Alexis Whimbs arrested for DUI under 21 (.092), no license on person, and expired 28. No firearms located in vehicle. The DUI was dropped due to no one being intox 9000 certified and all blood kits expired on 31 Mar 2017.
  • Disturbing the peace, Gatewood Way. Aprox 15 subjects in yard arguing over the DJ from the legion. All parties GOA. Located bullet and .40 shell casing in the roadway. After investigation it was found that the bullets came from the homeowner who fired from self-defense after someone in his yard shot during the fight.
  • Loud customer’s complaint, Highway 78, Waffle House. Customers GOA, all ok.
  • Domestic problem, Maple St., male subject on location and punched his sister in the face and choked her to the point of being unable to breath in front of her child. Warrants to be secured.

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