Monroe PD Reports: Vehicle stolen while it was left warming up

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 21 – 27, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an  arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Entering Auto Heritage Ridge Court, Ref: wallet taken from a vehicle
  • Dispute, Fawnfield Dr., Arguing was heard on a three way phone call.  Two of the individuals were not on location.  All ok.
  • Dispute, W. Fambrough St., Female punched another female in the face.  Warrant to be taken  for FV-Battery.
  • Suspicious person, Chevron / E. Church St., Ref: Female on location begging for money.  She was served with a prohibited entry notice.
  • Suspicious person, WalMart, Ref: older male asking for money.  Made contact with male on location.  He was advised to leave the property and not to be panhandling.
  • Damage to Property at East Marable Street.  Reference a female letting her friend use her vehicle back in December 26 2016.  Female stated friend locked the keys in the vehicle and used a jimmy to unlock the door damaging the door in the process.  Female has no idea where the damage occurred.  Possibly Jefferson, Athens, or North Georgia.
  • Damage to Property at Davis Street.  Unknown juvenile male was being chased by a dog from Davis Street.  The unknown juvenile jumped on the hood of the car to get away from the dog and damaged the hood of the vehicle.  The unknown juvenile was gone when officers arrived.  Contact was made with the owner of the dog and she was advised to keep the dog contained or citation would be issued
  • Warrant Service at Magnolia Terrace.  Del – Reico Brown arrested for outstanding obstruction warrant out of Walton County.  Supplemental to original case.
  • Loud Music, Green Street female complaining about loud music coming from vehicles on Mayfield Drive in the morning hours.
  • Suspicious Person at MLK Jr Blvd (Long Horns) in reference to a silver Honda.  The driver seen getting out of the vehicle drinking a beer.  Negative contact with the driver and not seen driving.
  • Officers will check the area throughout the night.
  • Welfare Check at Conestoga MHP in reference to subjects who were possibly using drugs.  Both lots are unoccupied and unlivable.
  • Harassment, East Church Street (Jack Peters) Subject harassing customers and refusing to leave. Subject gone upon arrival, Made contact with them and advised not to return.
  • Dispute at South Broad Street (Southside MHP).  Female on location and has mental disabilities. She wanted her sister gone because her boyfriend was there.  Situation Mediated.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Claywill Circle. Homeowner advised that a red pickup truck was seen in the area and he never seen it before.
  • Welfare check, East Fambrough St., Female who is bedridden yelling for her son’s help.  He was asleep and officer woke him up to help his mother.
  • Stolen Vehicle at Roosevelt Street.  In reference to Complainant having her 2016 Ford Focus stolen from her driveway while she was warming it up.  Vehicle will be placed on GCIC as stolen by dispatch
  • Arrest, S. Madison Ave.  Was advised a wanted subject was at Conastoga.  Arrested Nikki Halford.
  • Dispute, S. Broad St., Subject advised her sister was in a physical dispute with a male..  Subjects were GOA.
  • Dispute, Felker St.  Male who resides at Felker St walked outside cause his wife was fussing at him.  All ok.
  • Theft report, Douglas St.  Complainant left his residence on 4/15/17 and returned on 4/21/17.  He advised items were missing but did not have serial numbers.  Requested a report due to WCSO making an arrest for burglary.
  • Theft report taken at Monroe PD lobby.  Complainant advised he had about $12,000 taken at the end of last year from a residence on Magnolia St.  Advised just now making report due to being in and out of hospital.
  • Harassment, Tanglewood Dr.; Complainant advised a group of girls driving around taunting her to fight them.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, Jack Peter’s Grocery; Comp is disputing with the cashier intoxicated, subject located at Chevron Station E. Church Street; advised to go home.
  • 911 Hang-up, N. Broad Street; unable to locate the residence or anyone in the area, negative on voice contact.
  • Unknown/ EMS Assist at Walmart; anonymous complainant advised a female was not breathing parked in the parking lot, subject was ok, fell asleep waiting on their driver to come out of Walmart, false alarm.
  • Juvenile complaint, Lacy St.; Juvenile taken home to  Tanglewood Dr, 14 year old juvenile explained about curfew turned over to parents.
  • Disturbing the Peace, Green St.; Comp advised a loud party in the area.  All ok
  • Rape, Clearview Hospital; Comp advised she believes she was raped a month ago in her townhome residence by her friend. CID notified, report taken.

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