MPD Reports: Dispute over dentures; Elderly driver required to get someone to pick him up; Officer fixes property damaged in late night party

The Walton County Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 8 – 15, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Safety Check – E. Church St @ Highschool Ave – Safety checkpoint was conducted at this location. One arrest was made for felony possession of marijuana. 

Safety Check – S. Hammond Dr @ WC Gov. Building – Safety checkpoint was conducted at this location. One arrest was made for possession of marijuana less than one ounce, and possession of schedule 1. 

EMS ASSIST – Alcovy Street (FISH) in reference to a female subject having a mental episode due to being upset over her dentures. She was Criminally Trespassed from the property. 

Suspicious vehicle – HWY 11 in reference to a green passenger vehicle failing to maintain lane. Traffic stop on the vehicle and the elderly driver was to call someone to pick him up. 

Traffic Offense – Nowell St & North Broad. Traffic stops for a vehicle with tag from a different vehicle. Subsequent investigation led to a named subject arrested for warrants out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office and another arrested for possession of crack cocaine and possession of ecstasy. 

Threats – South Madison Ave – Shifters. In reference to a black male subject threatening to blow the building up because the staff told his wife they were closed for the night. The Shifters staff just wanted this incident documented. Nothing further. 

Dispute – Carver Pl Apr A. Reference to a complainant advising that a named subject was on location in violation of bond conditions. His bond conditions stated no contact at that address and he was alleged to be at that location. Report taken no police action taken. 

Dispute – East Spring St. Dispute between a male and a female. Warrants taken on the male for Aggravated Assault, Battery, Robbery, Interfering with a 911 call, and Criminal Damage to Property. 

Dispute – North Broad St in reference to a dispute between two parties. Parties agreed to remain civil. 

Other Law – Blaine Street (MPD) in reference to a named subject wanting her vehicle released from Taylors. All okay. 

Dispute – Tanglewood in reference to a named female subject damaging the complainant’s property. She was placed under arrest and was mentally evaluated at the hospital. 

Damage to Property – North Midland Avenue. In reference to a front porch bench being damaged last date from the result of a late-night neighborhood party. The bench was able to be fixed by responding officer. Pictures of the trash in the parking lot were taken and will be forwarded to the property owner. 

Dispute – S Broad St / Atha St (Chevron): In reference to a female getting into a verbal argument with her boyfriend over possibly cheating with another female. The situation was mediated, and parties separated. Report made. 

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