New Loganville family seeks other young families for joint family activities

The Wyatt family moved to the Loganville area about a year ago and is looking to meet other young families who may be interested in sharing some of the family activities that they like to do with their two children.

The Wyatt family, of Loganville. Contributed photo

“I am a wife, mother, and a teacher. My husband and I have two daughters, ages 23 months and 5 months old. We moved to the Loganville area about a year ago, and we love it here,” Kasey Wyatt said. “We have been interested in hosting meet-ups with other families, so we could get to know more people in the area. It occurred to us that there might be other folks that might be interested in that too, so we decided that we would try to start a club for families to be able to meet up with other families once a month or so for fun events. We were thinking that events like bowling, get-togethers at the park, and things like that would be a great way to meet other families, for our kids to make new friends, and to have fun!”

Wyatt said to get the word out, they started a Facebook page called Loganville Families and they already have their first family outing arranged for next month.

“We are planning for our first event to be a fire station tour on Saturday, April 22nd. If you’d like to join us, please let us know,” Wyatt said. “Please look us up if you think you might be interested.”

Click or tap on this link to apply for membership to the Loganville Families group. At last count, the group had 12 members.

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