New ramp opens on West Spring Street/ State Route 10 BUS  

press release from Georgia Department of Transportation

MONROE, GA (Oct. 20, 2022) – Georgia Department of Transportation announced the opening of the new ramp connecting West Spring Street/SR 10BUS  westbound to SR10/US 78 eastbound. The new ramp for SR 10BUS begins at SR 10/US 78 and ends at SR 138.

SR 10BUS/West Spring St. is a principal artery in Walton County. Commercial businesses dominate the corridor and Piedmont Walton is located here as well. SR 10/US 78 is a four-lane urban highway used by commuters for longer distance travel between the Atlanta metropolitan region and Athens-Clarke County.

This project addressed safety and operational concerns on SR 10BUS by constructing a ramp to provide a connection to SR 10/US 78 eastbound. The ramp gives emergency vehicles immediate access to SR 10/US 78 eastbound.  Previously, the route required emergency vehicles departing the Piedmont Walton facility to travel southbound on SR 10BUS and continue on SR 138 to SR 10/US 78.

The project was awarded on Jun 3, 2022 to E.R. Snell and construction began later that year in November. It is now open to traffic one month before the contract completion date of November 30, 2023

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