Petition drive launched for referendum on packaged liquor sales in the City of Monroe

There is a move in Monroe to call for a referendum on whether or not to allow for the sale of distilled spirits in the city. Under Georgia law, in order to call for a referendum election to authorize the issuance of licenses for the package sale of distilled a petition has to be presented to the relevant municipality with at least 35 percent of the registered and qualified voters. For the City of Monroe, that would require at least 3,000 signatures. Ty Vance said he has been hired to obtain the signatures required to place the referendum on the ballot in November 2020. He said he has until August to get the required number of signatures and will begin going door-to-door in the city starting Saturday, Feb. 29.

“It is about democracy. This is not a vote as to whether you are in favor of or against it.” Vance said. “It is only to give the citizens of Monroe the opportunity to vote on this issue.”

It the petition, Vance points out that all the counties that border Walton County, as well as the cities of Walnut Grove and Loganville, currently sell distilled spirits.

“All taxes from the purchase of distilled spirits from the citizens of Monroe are going everywhere but the City of Monroe,” Vance said. “Think about what impact the sale of distilled spirits would have on the tax base in Monroe.”

Vance said he has the required authority to begin the petition drive in the city and wanted people to be made aware that he will be out in neighborhoods over the next few months. If anyone would like to contact him in order to sign the petition, he can be reached at 770-652-1420.




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