Reviving History: Focus on the restoration of a local cemetery

Photographer and videographer Darrell Everidge turns his Focus on Zion Hill Cemetery in downtown Monroe and efforts by Elizabeth Jones and Bill Owens to revive the rich history that has been buried under heavy undergrowth for many years.

Click or tap on the image above for Darrell Everidge’s Focus on Elizabeth Jones and efforts to revive this history and heritage of the Zion Hill Cemetery in Monroe.

Local student Alanna King had written a story about Elizabeth Jones for an issue of Walton Living Magazine a couple of years ago.

“The cemetery rests deeply nestled on the edge of Monroe’s downtown with many unknowingly passing by a rich history of fellowship, joy, loss, community, and slavery, on their daily commutes into town,” Alanna King wrote in the article on the efforts to revive the Zion Hill Cemetery in Monroe for the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine. “If not for Elizabeth Jones, the history might have remained buried deep within the ground as generations passed and the history was long forgotten. Luckily, the Monroe citizen and First African Black Church member saw a need to reveal and preserve the African-American history of her town and got to work. Jones is currently pursuing her third master’s degree from the University of Georgia in historic preservation, and while working on a mill project she caught wind of the abandoned cemetery on Alcovy Road.”

There is so much rich history in Monroe. The Focus video by Everidge as well as the story by King gives a little insight into efforts being made to help preserve this history for future generations.

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