Some local cities offering rebates, financing, on natural gas appliances

In the local area, the cities of Monroe, Social Circle and Covington are participating in a program to help convert customers to natural gas.

If you have an old appliance you want to trade in on a new natural gas replacement, these cities are offering you rebates, and in some instances financing options. The Rebate Rally  is a partnership between local governments, water heater manufacturers, local contractors, and local businesses to help consumers understand the advantages of natural gas water heating and other applications in the home. These city utility providers have committed to offer rebates to those customers who convert to natural gas and, in Monroe and Social Circle, will even offer financing options through the utility bills.

According to the program, the way that works is in the case of a natural gas water heater and or furnaces, financing is available at 0% interest and offers up to $5,000.00 to cover the cost of installing a new natural gas appliance, for up to 60 months. The loan is simply added to your natural gas bill each month. Contact the city and ask for an application and credit check to see if you qualify.

Click or tap on this link to learn more about the Rebate Rally.

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