The Cotton Cafe in Monroe appears to have closed for good this time

MONROE, Ga. — The Cotton Café, in downtown Monroe suddenly closed on Feb. 13, leaving everybody wondering whether it was a permanent closure or just temporary.  After much speculation as to what the situation was, the owner, Debbie Goins, posted on Facebook on Feb. 15 that it was, in fact, temporary due to illness in the family and they would be back open on Monday, Feb. 17.

The Cotton Cafe in Downtown Monroe, Ga. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

“Just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for their prayers, phone calls, words of encouragement as we have dealt with this difficult time. I’m glad to announce that we are being released from the hospital today and we will resume normal business hours on Monday at 7 am. Thank you for your understanding during this time of closure. We look forward to seeing everyone and please know that we have missed seeing everyone,” Goins noted on a Facebook post.

People comment on how happy they were it was just a temporary shutdown and wished the family the best as they overcome the health issues. However, a couple of days ago people began posting that they had stopped by sometime after Feb. 17 and the place appeared to be in darkness again. At that time, Goins noted that they have decided to go ahead and close.

“We reopened last Monday but due to health issues with my husband we have decided to go ahead and close,” Goins noted on Facebook on Tuesday, Feb. 26. However, nothing official has been given and it is not clear what will happen with the restaurant space. Although the official notification on Facebook does not say it has permanently closed, the phone number can no longer be reached.

The Cotton Café was opened in the summer of 2014 by Alexis Burton and has built a following with townsfolk using it for meetings, as an Internet Café, live music, open mic nights and various other events as well as a popular breakfast, lunch and dinner venue. Burton sold the restaurant last spring to Goins, who had just recently upgraded the menu.

Customers wished Goins and her family the best on Facebook and hoped that they are able to overcome the health issued that have reportedly sidelined the venture.

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