Uninvited weekend house guest in Monroe charged with burglary

A Monroe family returned from a weekend out of town trip to find that while they were gone someone had taken up residence in their home. According to Monroe Public Safety Director Keith Glass, they had even received a call from the uninvited guest who used the home phone to call on one of their cell phones. He had attended two churches during his stay in the home, Glass said, Monroe First Baptist Church and St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.

The man has since moved to another residence a little further out of town. Dwayne Cornell Jackson, 28, is currently in the Walton County jail.

“It does seem like it could be a mental health issue too, but he has been arrested and charged with burglary and entering auto,” Glass said, asking that the identity of the homeowners be kept confidential.

According to the Monroe police report, officers responded at about 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2017 to a home of McDaniel Street after getting a report of a suspicious person inside the perimeter of the property. The family that lived there was out of town for the weekend. Another family member who had stopped by to pick up his father who was out of town with the family, said that while he was parked in the driveway waiting for them to return, the suspicious person appeared and attempted to get into his vehicle. When he told him not to do that, the man turned around and went into the home. Police arrived and entered the home via the back door after noting that it had been damaged by what appeared to be a forced entry. Inside they found Jackson sitting in a chair. The officer reported that Jackson appeared a little flustered, but he remained seated in the chair, handing over a note  that he told officers was his “speech to the nation.” Officer reported that the note, as well as Jackson’s speech, seemed confused. He allegedly appeared intoxicated or possibly under the influence other some sort of substance. He was subsequently arrested.

The homeowner arrived at this time and took stock of the home. It appeared that Jackson had made himself at home over the weekend, taking a shower, sleeping in a bed, doing his laundry and going through the house. He had allegedly put a gun that had been on a shelf away in a drawer and had filled up a book bag that belonged to the residents with items that belonged to them as well as items that appeared to belong to him.

For the moment, Jackson remains in the Walton County jail with no bond.

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