Update: 2 injured in collision between a motorcycle and bicycle

Update: Georgia State Patrol Trooper First Class Cal Barton said the motorcycle accident at about 9:55 a.m. on Saturday morning on Miller Bottom Road was a collision between a Kawasaki motorcycle, driven by Donte Collier, 32, of Oxford and a Trek King bicycle, ridden by Robert McCurdy, 63, of Lilburn.

“Both were traveling west on Miller Bottom Road, the bike was ahead of the motorcycle. The motorcycle attempted to pass and the bicycle was turning left at the same time. The motorcycle struck the bicycle in the side and both were ejected. Both were taken to Clearview Regional Medical Center with serious, but not life threatening, injuries,: Barton said, adding that the driver of the motorcycle received a warning for passing improperly. “Even though it was a passing lane, that doesn’t mean that the vehicle at the back doesn’t have to be aware.  The bike had a right to turn left. You have to pass using regard for what the other vehicle may or may not do. The person in the front has right of way.”

Breaking: Crews with Walton County Fire Rescue are on the scene of a motorcycle accident on Miller Bottom Road. WCFR officials report two injuries. Details to follow.

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