Walton County government employees to get adjustment in pay scale

The Walton County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to approve a new job classification and compensation plan. With this approval, county employee pay will be at 103 percent of market pay rates, a situation officials hope will enable the county to attract and retain quality, skilled employees.

The vote for the county pay raise was taken based on a plan by Condrey & Associates, Inc. following a study that included a review and revision of the county’s current classification system and pay plan and a comparison of salary data of other local governments in Georgia. The plan was recommended based on job analysis, job evaluation and the wage survey data. It will cost $2,256,548, but officials say it is necessary in order to effectively serve the citizens of Walton County.

“In order for the County to remain competitive in the local labor market, the board voted to adopt a plan that will bring the County 3 percent above market pay rates, which will help to adjust for inflationary increases,” Walton County public information officer Diane Baggett said in a press release. She said that the plan includes a one-time equity adjustment for employees based on years of service. This was necessary in order to offset the pay compression change that implementation of the plan would create.


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