WCSO warns that winter is coming and with it comes a rise in entering auto crimes

Officials warn motorists not to even leave garage openers in vehicles

Walton County Sheriff’s Office is letting residents know that as the weather begins to cool, the deer are on the move….. and so are the thieves. Winter is when thieves tend to step up their activity.

“We typically have more entering autos in the fall/winter than any other time,” WCSO posted on its social media page, adding, “And it is now becoming a trend that these thieves will open your car and use your garage door opener to open your garage! Please take your portable garage door openers inside with you and as always, don’t leave firearms and valuables in your car.”

It may seem counter-intuitive that it is winter, and not summer, that entering autos and auto thefts go up, but there are reportedly some logical reasons why this is the case. Auto thefts alone reportedly go up by 25 % during winter.

According to an article on AccuWeather, the cold weather sometimes prompts people to leave their cars running to warm up early in the morning before they actually get into them to drive to work or school. A running vehicle, with the keys inside, is very inviting to a thief. Also, the longer and darker nights give thieves more time to execute their craft when it comes to entering autos.

WCSO officials say while it’s unfortunate that we have to worry about these things, try not to make it any easier for the thieves. Don’t leave your car running with the keys inside, lock you cars when you park them, don’t leave valuables, or weapons, in your cars. And when you get out of your car, remember to take your portable garage opener with you.

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