You can now get some High Voltage Wings with your Strange Tacos in Monroe

Strange Taco and High Voltage Wings have combined with even more menu options

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Customers can have a taco with their strange wings at what is now High Voltage Wings and Taco Bar as both restaurants have been combined into one at the 127 N Lumpkin Street location in Monroe.

“We have moved everything up to front and completed a mini renovation,” said Chris Collin, the owner of both restaurants. “We have put in new TVs and gave it more of a family sports bar vibe.”

Collin said they also have added new menu item, such as hamburgers and flatbread menu items.

“More pub type items. What we found was people were coming into one side and some wanting something off the other side menu – like coming into the wing side with some of the family member in the party wanting tacos,” Collin said. “So what we did is we listened to the community – and we had a tremendous response last week.”

Another change, Collin said, was with the parking.

“We acquired half of the parking lot across the street and have made it free customer parking. It gives us about 12 gto 14 parking spaces and that has been really beneficial,” Collin said. “It was a headache. It had been made a paid parking space and we have people who got parking tickets. So we went ahead and purchased half of it and have made that free for our customers.

And another change was to the back of the restaurant that had previously been High Voltage Wings. It is being converted to a back alley bar to be open for adults on Friday and Saturday nights.

“We will have live music and entertainment from 7 to 10 p.m. on a Friday and Saturday nights,” Collin said. “It will be more of an adult hangout – to give adults a place to go. We will probably also include some comedy nights, probably on Thursday nights.”

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