1988 Cold Case murder trial under way in Walton County

The jury was seated, opening arguments complete and witnesses began testifying Monday in the trial of one of two men charged in the 1988 murder of Willie Joe Beasley, 43, of Monroe. Perry Brown, 60, is the first to go on trial. He and Jerry Jones, 67, both of Monroe were arrested last summer and charged in the Cold Case murder of Beasley in his home at 523 1/2 North Broad St., Monroe on Aug. 18, 1988. Both men are charged with malice murder and felony murder.

Willie Joe Beasley was murdered in August 1988 at his Monroe, Ga. home. He was 43 at the time. Photo credit: Monroe Police Department

Randy McGinley, Chief Asssistant District Attorney with the Alcovy Circuit Court, said the trial will continue Tuesday and possibly into Wednesday. He said only Brown is on trial at this time. The case is being heard by Superior Court Judge Samuel Ozburn.

On announcing the arrests in July 2016, Monroe Public Safety Director Keith Glass announced that Monroe Police Detective Ricky Chambers had taken the lead on the cold case, working in conjunction with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the Walton County District Attorney’s Office.

“Mr. Beasley’s life mattered to us. Today I am very proud and appreciative of the work that has been done on this cold case. The indictments and arrest of these two suspects brings justice for the life and soul of Mr. Beasley closer,” Glass said at the time.

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