COVID-19: Ga. Dept. of Labor issues mandate to assist temporary laid off workers

press release from the office of gov. Brian Kemp

Atlanta, GA – Gov. Brian P. Kemp and the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) has issued a ruling to the increase in the number of partial claims filed as a result of businesses reducing work hours or temporarily closing their doors in light of recent developments regarding COVID-19. An emergency ruling yesterday announced by Labor Commissioner Mark Butler mandates that employers file partial claims on behalf of their employees whenever it is necessary to temporarily lay workers off. This should help laid-off employees receive payments within a couple of days.

“We are partnering with the Governor’s office and our federal and state authorities to make sure we are able to get the citizens of Georgia paid,” Butler said in a press release from the governor’s office. “We are working as an agency to provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers, even when information is changing every day.”

Filing partial claims results in employees receiving unemployment insurance (UI) benefit payments faster, usually within forty-eight hours for claims filed electronically. Employees for whom a partial claim is filed are not required to report to a GDOL career center, register for employment services, or seek other work. All Georgia employers will share in the cost of unemployment benefits paid to employees temporarily displaced due to COVID-19.

“We are laser-focused on assisting the hardworking Georgians who have been impacted by the spread of the virus,”  Kemp said in the releae. “Working with GDOL and our partners across the public and private sectors, we can ensure affected employees land on their feet and are made aware of other employment opportunities. Together, we will protect Georgia’s top-notch workforce as we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19.”

GDOL is continuing to work with employers across Georgia to also get Georgians employed. Today, over 101,000 jobs are listed online at for Georgians to access. GDOL offers online resources for finding a job, building a resume, and many other reemployment needs.

“Our agency specializes in not only providing unemployment support for those out of work, even if temporarily, but also giving Georgians every opportunity to find work and reenter the workforce,” Butler said in the release.

Information on filing an unemployment claim, details on how employers must file partial claims, and resources for other reemployment assistance can be found at, and Georgians may visit for access to today’s job opportunities.

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