COVID-19: Walton County Schools report decline in cases this week

Social Circle City Schools outlines process when positive cases are identified

Walton County Public Schools announced a decline in cases the second full week after returning to school following the winter break. This week, positive cases went down to 48 (.30 % of the school population) with 295 on precautionary quarantine as a result of these cases (1.9 % of the school population). Of the 48 positive cases, 11 are from Loganville High School. This compares to 62 new cases last week and 293 on precautionary quarantine as a result with 13 of the new cases from Loganville High School.

“We are pleased to have seen a significant decline in cases this week,” said Callen Moore, public relations officer for WCSD.

Social Circle City Schools reported 5 new cases since returning to school after a week’s delay of in-person classes after the Winter Break. This represents .24 % of the school system’s 2,116 on campus population with 66 (3.12 %) total new individuals on precautionary quarantine.

“In support of our efforts to provide safe learning environments for all students and staff, we are continuing to monitor the effects of COVID-19 on our schools and local community,” said SCCS Superintendent Dr. Robbie Hooker. “We must remain vigilant in our practices in order to keep our schools safe and open with a face-to-face instructional option. Thank you for wearing masks when social distancing is not possible, staying home when you are sick, and sanitizing hands regularly. We aim to remain open for face-to-face instruction and need your continued support.”

Hooker went on to explain that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) have revised their quarantine requirements. Individuals who would like to be considered for early release from quarantine are required to submit the COVID-19 Exposure 7 day return form to their schools.

“When a positive case is diagnosed by a physician or by a test, our staff members call all individuals who meet the Department of Public Health’s Contact Tracing Guidelines. Our Lead Nurse follows up with the individuals to provide additional details regarding the extent of the quarantine and shares information from the Department of Public Health,” Hooker said. “We have robust protocols in our school system to mitigate the spread of disease. Following these protocols ensures that our students have access to safe and engaging face-to-face and remote educational opportunities. Please encourage your child(ren) to bring masks to school and wear them whenever social distancing is not an option.”

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