COVID19 UPDATE from Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe)

Special from Georgia Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe)

Yesterday evening, I was two different conference calls with Governor Kemp. As you may know, he has called a Special Session of the legislature for this morning to grant him emergency authority. You can read what those powers are here. The Governor has also called up 2,000 Georgia National Guard troops to State Active Duty to help combat COVID-19 in Georgia.
The Governor has worked non-stop with The White House, numerous epidemiologists and all of our public health officials across the state and nation. His team is focusing on preparation and they are quickly taking inventory of hospital bed space and supplies across our great state. They are building out a supply chain to move people and resources where they are most needed. At this point, Governor Kemp is not mandating closures. (He did point out that 130 of our local school systems have voluntarily closed and he applauded their action). However, he is urging that we all practice social distancing. Governor Kemp is fighting to keep Georgia safe but appropriately points out that we, the public, are key to the successful mitigation of this serious health pandemic. 
The current goal is to stop the spike and spread out the infections over more time. Here is a fascinating short read, with easy to understand animations, on ways to flatten an infections curve. My very smart Georgia Tech educated friend, Karen Hammond, shared this link.  
So what does “flattening the curve” do? In my opinion, it does three things. First, it spreads out the pressure on the hospitals and health care delivery system; it gives more time for the vaccine development and distribution of testing kits; it also has the added benefit of pushing the infection cycle forward into the coming warmer months. The hotter the weather, the better. 
I pray for God’s protection for our state and nation. Using the common sense the Lord gives us, let’s protect our elderly and medically fragile neighbors and do what our mothers always told us; wash our hands, cover our sneezes, and stay out of crowds. Self-report if you experience symptoms by phone first, then follow their advice.
P.S. This encouraging article by noted economist Brian Wesbury gives excellent reasons why America will win yet another world war. This time it happens to be a virus. America always leads!

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