Davis announces bid for Walton County BOC chairman

by chris bridges - the walton tribune

Walton County is a special place to Blake Davis. He said he feels blessed to be able call Walton County home and now wants to give back for the opportunities he has been afforded.

Davis has officially announced he will run for county chairman in 2024.

Blake Davis and family. Contributed photo

“Walton County is a great place to live, work and play,” Davis said. “As a sixth generation Walton County resident and a second-generation Walton County businessman, I am living out those benefits day by day. My wife Lauren and I are raising our three children in Walton County because of the way of life this county has provided.”

While Davis and his family are benefiting from the quality of life offered in Walton County, he said it is vital to maintain those resources for future generations.

“Our county is on the verge of urbanization and development,” Davis said. “We must take steps to preserve our land and its resources, for our future generations. As Chairman, I plan to do that with honest representation, unbiased leadership and good stewardship of the county’s resources.”

During the past 14 years Davis has served the people through a Walton County service industry. He has also been on the Walton County Board of Appeals and has helped organize and lead the residents of the Gratis community in rezoning opposition against commercial development.

“I have a proven track record of working for, and with, people in a positive, beneficial manner,” he said.

Davis’ campaign platform includes four key areas.

•Respect the voice of the people: “I will listen to the concerns and opinions of all citizens with respect and take under consideration all opinions on each matter. I will never disrespect one of our Walton citizens and deal with each in a professional manner at all times.”
•Respect the Walton way of life: “I will work, each day, to preserve the things that make Walton great while looking to ways to continue to make Walton the bet county for its people. Our parks, ball fields and public common areas deserve to be in the best condition to provide the best experience for the citizens.”
•Support local businesses: “The local Walton County businesses are a huge part of what makes our county great. I will push for local businesses in our county over the ‘big box’ retails. I know how to work with people to fight for local businesses.”
•Lead Walton towards smart growth: “Smart growth has been proven to be the most beneficial growth and allows growth at a level that is manageable, acceptable and reasonable for the healthy future of our county.”

Davis can be contacted at blakeforwalton@gmail.com concerning his campaign

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