Did you have COVID-19, do you have it now? Piedmont shares the difference between the 2 tests

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Ready to empower yourself for better health? Piedmont offers both high-quality COVID-19 diagnostic testing and antibody testing to all patients, and you can book your consult today.

What’s the difference between the two tests?

COVID-19 Testing

Diagnostic testing (or PCR testing) is for people who want to know if they’re currently infected with COVID-19. 

How to get tested:
If you have symptoms, or think you may have recently been exposed to COVID-19, Piedmont offers many convenient testing options near you through our primary care, QuickCare and urgent care providers. All locations require a screening visit as part of the testing process. 

Please confirm coverage for COVID-19 testing with your insurance carrier prior to scheduling your appointment. Self-pay is available for both screening visits and test fees. Book via MyChart, online at piedmont.org, or by calling your provider’s office directly.

If you test positive, talk to your doctor about whether you’re eligible for monoclonal antibody infusion treatment. It’s not for everyone, but it can help some people with COVID-19 reduce risk for severe symptoms and hospitalization.

Antibody Testing
Antibody testing is for people who think they may have been exposed in the past to the virus that causes COVID-19. A test won’t tell you if you’re immune from the virus, but a positive result means you’ve likely been exposed and that your body is responding in the appropriate way: forming antibodies. 

How to get tested:
To request an antibody test, schedule an in-person visit with your primary care physician via MyChart, online at piedmont.org or by calling your provider’s office directly.

The safe and simple antibody test is done via blood draw. If you’ve previously tested negative for antibodies but may have been exposed to the virus since then, you can safely book another test.

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