Family of foster mom/nursing supervisor at Winder Healthcare loses home in fire

Linda Brown, of Loganville, shared information on a friend and former colleague at Winder Healthcare who lost her home earlier this month to a fire in Winder. Brown said Karen King is a foster mother and has opened her home for many years to children in need.

“Karen is the most amazing, selfless person ever,” Brown said, adding that many from the local area would know her from being patients of Winder Healthcare or through the foster care system. The picture below, shared on the Gofundme page for King, include the seven children who also lived in the home, ranging from 5 months to 17 years.

Click or tap on the image above to go to the Gofundme page for Karen King

King’s sister, Deneise Martin established the Gofundme King and noted, “Everything was a complete and total loss…they have absolutely nothing,. For those of you that know her, y’all know she’s one of the most amazing and giving people on the face of this earth. She would give the shirt off her back and her last breath to anyone, especially a child. Many of you also know she’s a foster mama and has been for a long time. She has opened her home to so many children and adults, for that matter, over the past several years. SHE always helps and gives to anyone she can, even if she can’t afford to, she still does it,” Martin noted.

Martin is asking anyone who can to help with anything, including for the children as well as two adult woman and one man. She updated on Aug. 28, noting that they had managed to find a temporary place to stay but they are trying to get a storage unit so they can begin collecting furniture for when they find another place.

If you know Karen King or are just someone in a position to help, you can donate or find contact information at the Gofundme page for Karen King .

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