Fuzions to apply for alcohol license under new ownership

After having its alcohol license pulled in March, Fuzions Bar and Grill is back on the agenda at the May 1, 2018 meeting applying for a new alcohol license. However, it is no longer in the name of Michael Brown, in whose name it was pulled and then denied again on appeal in April. Monroe officials said it was pulled because Brown had not been truthful on his application. Brown said that should no longer be an issue as he is no longer involved in the venture. The person who Brown said had been in the process of purchasing it, Rejimon Mathew, is now listed as the owner and applicant.

“The guy who is buying it is who is the one who has applied for the license. I’m no longer gonna be a part of it. They denied him before because I had a license, then revoked mine because he applied,” Brown said, adding he no longer has any desire to be involved in the venture. “The City of Monroe has put a bad taste in my mouth.”
The May Called Meeting of the Monroe City Council is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 1, at Monroe City Hall. The public is invited to attend. The regular City Council meeting is scheduled for next week, May 8, 2018.
The full agenda for the Called Meeting follows. Click or tap on any highlighted link for more information on any agenda item.
1. May Monthly Reports
1. Finance
a. Purchase – BadgePass Management System
2. Airport
3. Public Works
a. Approval – EIP 2018 Grant Administrative Services
b. Approval – EIP 2018 Grant Engineering Services
c. Approval –  North Broad LCI Materials Testing Contract
d. Approval – Intergovernmental Agreement – John Deere Road
4. Utilities
a. Approval – Water Treatment Plant Gutter Repair
b. Approval – Sewer Service Policy Amendment – Gerald Atha
c. Approval – Sewer Service Policy Amendment – Mazzawi Trust
d. Approval – Watershed Protection Plan
5. Public Safety
a. Approval – Out of State Travel for Police
b. Purchase – Quick Response Vehicle
6. DDA
7. Planning and Code
8. Economic Development
a. Rezone – 1050 North Broad Street
2. Rezone – 603 & 606 Alcovy Street
3. Rezone – 1050 North Broad Street
4. Application – Beer & Wine Package Sales – Harry’s
5. Application – Spirituous Liquors and Beer & Wine On-Premise Consumption – Fuzions
6. 2nd Reading – Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment #5
7. 1st Reading – Speed Zone Ordinance
8. Approval – Main Street Program MOU
9. Approval – Fireworks Agreement

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