GDOT is asking for public input in proposal to add a new ramp from Spring Street to US 78

If approved, project would be slated for construction in 2022

The Georgia Department of Transportation is asking the local community to weigh in virtually in a proposal that would add a new ramp connecting West Spring Street/State Route 10 BUS to eastbound SR 10/US 78 in Monroe. This project is reportedly proposed to address operational and safety concerns along this corridor as well as to provide enhanced access for emergency vehicles. The project is currently in the preliminary stages.

Proposed new ramp from SR 10 westbound to US 78 east in Monroe

According to the proposal on the GDOT website, the proposed ramp connection would consist of a single 16-foot travel lane with an 8-foot inside shoulder and 12-foot outside shoulder. The proposed lane width is the standard lane width for ramps per the GDOT. The project would require about 2.10 acres of right-of-way for the total project length of about 0.3 miles.

Current conditions along the West Spring Street/SR 10 BUS corridor according to the GDOT Proposal: 

  • According to Georgia DOT’s Geo-Counts 2016 traffic data, the current annual average daily traffic on West Spring Street/SR 10 BUS is 10,800 vehicles per day, which corresponds to a Level of Service (LOS) D. An LOS of D indicates that the roadway is approaching an unstable traffic flow where drivers have little freedom to maneuver.
  •  Click here for an explanation of Level of Service (LOS) traffic measurements.
  • Georgia DOT crash data indicated that there were 40 crashes on West Spring Street/SR 10 BUS between 2013 and 2015.

GDOT gives the following conditions if the proposal does not come to fruition:

  • The traffic delays along West Spring Street/SR 10 BUS would remain;
  • Safety along the West Spring Street/SR 10 BUS corridor would not improve;
  • Emergency vehicles traveling from the Piedmont Walton Hospital would not have immediate access to SR 10/US 78.

GDOT gives the following benefits to implementing the project:

  • Improved operational efficiency and safety enhancements along West Spring Street/SR 10 BUS;
  • Immediate access to SR 10/US 78 for emergency vehicles traveling from Piedmont Walton Hospital.

The GDOT is asking the community to provide feedback about the proposed solution as well as information about any resources important to individuals or the community, including whether there are any events that this construction may impact.

After the comment period closes, GDOT will assess the feedback and revisions may be made to this original proposal. If major changes occur there will be additional public outreach. If no major changes are proposed, the project would advance to right-of-way acquisition and into final design. After right-of-way acquisition is addressed and project design is finalized, the proposed project would advance to construction.

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GDOT wants Your Feedback.

PI #0015678: Your comments are important to us! We invite you to leave feedback on the proposed project until August 17, 2020. All comments will be considered as we develop the plans, and a response will be posted to this site approximately 30 days after the close of the comment period.”

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