Georgia DOT shares long-term goals and timelines on goals for improving statewide mobility

press release from Georgia Department of Transportation

This is a newsletter from the Georgia Department of Transportation. It includes plans for additional Express Lanes. You are invited to weigh in and give your views on these projects. Email:

The Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) is committed to improving statewide mobility and building a connected transportation network. An initial 11 Major Mobility Investment Program (MMIP) transportation projects were identified to help move this goal forward. The MMIP continues to advance with the construction of the I-85 Widening, Phase 1, north of metro Atlanta and the 16@95 Improvement Projects near Savannah.

Advancing Improvement Projects

As the MMIP has developed and design work has progressed, we’ve evaluated how we are delivering the program and refined it to advance six improvement projects along I-285. Advancing these improvement projects, which were already part of the MMIP, will bring improvements to you sooner and help mitigate disruptive construction congestion during the major express lanes’ construction.

I-85 Widening, Phase 2

With the I-85 Widening, Phase 1 project on target to open to traffic in mid-2020, we want to leverage the success to advance Phase 2 of that corridor’s improvements. This represents our ability to progress projects forward when there is less or no right-of-way acquisitions and development that could be impacted through project design and construction. The I-85 Widening, Phase 2 project will be delivered and open to traffic four years ahead of the original schedule. The Industry Forum will be held on October 23, 2019.

Georgia Express Lanes

Through the development of the MMIP, we have considered industry feedback regarding the quantity and timing of major procurements, as well as the size of procurement packages. Additionally, maintenance of traffic and the amount of congestion during the construction of the major express lanes projects was going to be a challenge. To help mitigate these challenges, the I-285 Eastside Express Lanes and I-285 Westside Express Lanes project schedules have shifted. Shifting these schedules also provides us with an opportunity to continue discussions with our partners, such as DeKalb and Fulton counties, the Top End Mayors, and the ATL about future transit and transportation endeavors to further enhance mobility in the region.

Additionally, the I-285 Top End Express Lanes project will be constructed as two smaller packages: the I-285 East Metro Express Lanes and the I-285 West Metro Express Lanes. These two packages will cover the same footprint as the I-285 Top End Express Lanes (I-285 from Henderson Road to Paces Ferry Road and north on SR 400 from I-285 to the North Springs MARTA Station).

View the current schedule here.

I-75 Commercial Vehicle Lanes

Georgia DOT has determined an opportunity to advance this project, which will provide improvements to freight mobility sooner. Accelerating this project (from construction originally starting in 2025 and opening to traffic in 2030) accommodates the expected growth in commercial vehicle traffic as well as the future port of Savannah expansion.

How these opportunities benefit you:

Provides local road improvements earlier in the delivery timeline than previously scheduled
Contributes to less disruptive construction congestion and impacts to local roads during major express lanes project construction
Maintains healthy competition among our bidding developers
Avoids overwhelming the contracting industry with less projects on the same procurement timeline
The MMIP is an ambitious, monumental program that is the first of its kind in the country. Additional schedule adjustments may be needed to allow for successful program and project delivery. More information about the MMIP, updated projects and delivery schedules, and benefits of the Program can be found utilizing the contact and social information below.


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