Georgia DOT still conducting traffic study on Ga. 10 at Rowe and Troy Smith roads

In response to questions following a traffic fatality on Ga. 10 (Highway 78) at the intersection of Rowe Road on March 8, 2018, the Georgia Department of Transportation said there is currently a traffic engineering study being conducted at that location.

“We are still finishing our traffic engineering study at that location. Once complete, they will evaluate and make recommendations for improvements if any can be made at that location,” said Katie Strickland, Georgia DOT District One communications officer. “Safety is our number one priority with Georgia DOT, and our thoughts and prayers are always with the loved ones who lost someone in a crash.”

As was the case last year when there were several serious accidents at the intersection in the span of just a few days,  residents again called for a traffic light at the very least at the intersection of Ga. 10 and Rowe and Troy Smith roads following Thursday’s traffic fatality. With the outcry in May 2017, Strickland said the intersection had been evaluated in 2015, but did not meet the criteria for a traffic light. However, at that time the Georgia DOT began a new engineering study to take another look at the intersection. That study has not yet been completed.

While many believe that a certain number of fatalities are required to warrant a traffic light, Strickland said that is not the case.

“The answer to the question does the number of fatalities create the need for a signal, is no. A traffic signal as a traffic control device is regulated by “warrants” in the manual on traffic control devices,” Strickland said. “You can find a link to the list of warrants here.”


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