Guest column: The Bombing of Israel

Guest Column by Darrell Everidge

We should all stand United with Israel

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In recent days, the world has witnessed the devastating and brutal attacks carried out by the terrorist group Hamas on the state of Israel. As images of destruction and sorrow saturate our screens, we are reminded of the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, prompting us to reflect on the importance of solidarity and support in times of crisis. This article aims to shed light on the rights and struggles of Israel, emphasizing the need for global unity in condemning terrorism and providing assistance where needed.

Hamas, a notorious terrorist organization, orchestrated a series of attacks on Israel that defy humanity. Innocent lives have been lost, families torn asunder by the kidnapping and murder of their loved ones, and communities left in utter despair. The scenes of fire raining down from the skies bear witness to the unimaginable pain and suffering experienced by the Israeli people. It is crucial to condemn these acts of violence and recognize the profound impact they have on those directly affected.

While the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948 holds deep significance for the nation, it is essential to acknowledge that different perspectives exist regarding the fulfillment of God’s promises. Many believe that the fulfillment of these promises is manifested in Christ, rather than any specific declaration. However, this theological debate should not overshadow the immediate need for compassion and support in the face of the ongoing atrocities.

At this difficult time, it is of utmost importance to express our heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones due to these acts of violence. Their unimaginable pain and grief resonate with people around the world who understand the profound loss that terrorism inflicts. Additionally, we extend our wishes for a speedy recovery to those who have been injured in the attacks, hoping that they find solace and strength in their healing journey.

Israel, like any sovereign nation, has the inherent right to protect its citizens and defend itself when faced with acts of war and terrorism. As the attacks by Hamas clearly constitute acts of aggression, Israel has justified its response as an act of self-defense. This recognition is crucial in understanding the context of the ongoing conflict and should not be disregarded.

We should all stand United with Israel.

In times of crisis, unity and solidarity play a pivotal role in overcoming adversity. It is imperative for nations around the world to stand united with Israel, denouncing terrorism in all its forms. Supporting Israel does not signify an endorsement of any political ideology but rather a stance against violence and terrorism that threatens innocent lives and undermines peace.

As the world witnesses the horrors inflicted upon the state of Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas, it is a glaring reminder of the need for global unity and support in condemning terrorism. While debates regarding God’s promises and the Israeli Declaration of Independence persist, it is crucial to offer condolences, wish for a speedy recovery, and extend support to those affected by these tragic events. Israel’s right to self-defense should be recognized, and a united stance against terrorism should prevail. Together, we can foster a stronger, more compassionate world that rejects violence and embraces peace. 

Because if you don’t stand with Israel you stand with evil.

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