Gwinnett County BOC approves notice of intent to call for a transit referendum on 2024 ballot

press release from the Gwinnett County government

The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners took a significant step toward improving mobility by unanimously approving a notice of intent to call for a referendum. As outlined in Georgia law, this action is required before the Board can officially call for a transit referendum to be placed on the 2024 November ballot. An integral aspect of the plan proposes a shift in the County’s current mobility funding model to a one percent dedicated sales tax.

In September, the Board approved its Transit Plan aiming to expand Ride Gwinnett, the County’s transit system. The new Transit Plan provides 100 percent transit coverage across the county, including two connections from Gwinnett County to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and the expansion of its shared-ride service. The next steps involve submitting the referendum project list, taken from the Atlanta Regional Transit Plan to the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority for approval during the ATL Board Meeting on Feb. 1.

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