Gwinnett County School lunches impacted by supply chain shortages

The good news is the economy is rebounding. The bad news is it is causing problems in the efficient running of regular supply chains. Economists say it will get better, but in the meantime grocery store shelves are running lean and supplies to organizations, like Gwinnett County School District, are not very reliable.

The result in Gwinnett County is that food on the menu may not be what students’ taste buds were tuned into when they took at look at the planned menu for that day. There may be a variation.

“The supply chain for food served in GCPS school cafés is experiencing extraordinary challenges, with an impact on all aspects of foodservice and retail food outlets nationwide. As a result, GCPS’ menu offerings will vary from school to school, and may not reflect the planned menu, as we use available resources,” GCSD wrote on its Facebook page today, noting, “We appreciate your patience and understanding.”

Not everybody is as patient or as understanding as they would like, based on the comments on the announcement on Facebook. But as with the the toilet paper shortage in the early days of the pandemic, it is likely to eventually rectify itself.

According to an article in the AJC last month, this is just another impact as a result of the pandemic and hopefully it too will pass.

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