Gwinnett is urging its residents to ‘be careful with fireworks this Fourth of July’

press release from Gwinnett County government

GWINNETT, GA. – According to the National Fire Protection Association, every Independence Day, thousands of people, mostly children, are hurt while using fireworks. They warn that it’s easy to underestimate the dangers of fireworks, which can include burns, injuries, and death.

  • Read the fireworks directions carefully
  • Keep a bucket of water, garden hose, and fire extinguisher handy
  • Never try to relight a malfunctioning device, which should be soaked in a bucket of water
  • Ignite fireworks on a flat surface in an open area away from buildings, vehicles, vegetation, or combustible materials
  • Light only one device at a time and use an ignition stick or fireplace lighter
  • Never give fireworks to a child and keep children away from the fireworks area
  • Before going to bed, inspect the area where fireworks were usedWet the area with a garden hose for added protection
  • When discarding fireworks, soak them in water before placing them in the trash
  • Never handle fireworks while impaired by drugs or alcohol

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